Source code for twine.auth

import functools
import getpass
import logging
from typing import Callable, Optional, Type, cast

import keyring

from twine import exceptions
from twine import utils

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class CredentialInput:
[docs] def __init__( self, username: Optional[str] = None, password: Optional[str] = None ) -> None: self.username = username self.password = password
[docs]class Resolver:
[docs] def __init__(self, config: utils.RepositoryConfig, input: CredentialInput) -> None: self.config = config self.input = input
[docs] @classmethod def choose(cls, interactive: bool) -> Type["Resolver"]: return cls if interactive else Private
@property # type: ignore # @functools.lru_cache() def username(self) -> Optional[str]: return utils.get_userpass_value( self.input.username, self.config, key="username", prompt_strategy=self.username_from_keyring_or_prompt, ) @property # type: ignore # @functools.lru_cache() def password(self) -> Optional[str]: return utils.get_userpass_value( self.input.password, self.config, key="password", prompt_strategy=self.password_from_keyring_or_prompt, ) @property def system(self) -> Optional[str]: return self.config["repository"]
[docs] def get_username_from_keyring(self) -> Optional[str]: try: system = cast(str, self.system)"Querying keyring for username") creds = keyring.get_credential(system, None) if creds: return cast(str, creds.username) except AttributeError: # To support keyring prior to 15.2 pass except Exception as exc: logger.warning("Error getting username from keyring", exc_info=exc) return None
[docs] def get_password_from_keyring(self) -> Optional[str]: try: system = cast(str, self.system) username = cast(str, self.username)"Querying keyring for password") return cast(str, keyring.get_password(system, username)) except Exception as exc: logger.warning("Error getting password from keyring", exc_info=exc) return None
[docs] def username_from_keyring_or_prompt(self) -> str: username = self.get_username_from_keyring() if username:"username set from keyring") return username return self.prompt("username", input)
[docs] def password_from_keyring_or_prompt(self) -> str: password = self.get_password_from_keyring() if password:"password set from keyring") return password return self.prompt("password", getpass.getpass)
[docs] def prompt(self, what: str, how: Callable[..., str]) -> str: return how(f"Enter your {what}: ")
[docs]class Private(Resolver):
[docs] def prompt(self, what: str, how: Optional[Callable[..., str]] = None) -> str: raise exceptions.NonInteractive(f"Credential not found for {what}.")