twine.commands.check module

Module containing the logic for twine check.

class twine.commands.check._WarningStream[source]
__init__() None[source]
write(text: str) None[source]
twine.commands.check._check_file(filename: str, render_warning_stream: twine.commands.check._WarningStream) Tuple[List[str], bool][source]

Check given distribution.

twine.commands.check.check(dists: List[str], output_stream: IO[str] = sys.stdout, strict: bool = False) bool[source]

Check that a distribution will render correctly on PyPI and display the results.

This is currently only validates long_description, but more checks could be added; see

  • dists – The distribution files to check.

  • output_stream – The destination of the resulting output.

  • strict – If True, treat warnings as errors.


True if there are rendering errors, otherwise False.

twine.commands.check.main(args: List[str]) bool[source]

Execute the check command.


args – The command-line arguments.


The exit status of the check command.